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I always smile whatever the situation is, and that’s my life credo. I love to smile each and every moment to share my positivity with the people around me. I want to be the reason someone smiles. I always wanted to be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people, and that doesn’t necessarily mean I am happy. Sometimes it just means I am strong. Actually I am here for some interesting like Top escorts in Bangalore and not interested in playing games. It makes me believe you are a waste of my energy, and a waste of my time. I love people who are direct.

By profession, I am an Architect. I always wanted to be an architect. When I was a kid I used to create a castle and home out of waste things and cardboards. I love to design and create something unique. I am basically from Bangalore and I am living here with my parents. I also have an older brother and her daughter is my favourite person. I love to play with her. Even when I am tired I can't say no to her for anything. It not an essay job to be a Top escorts in Bangalore.

I have had done so many beautiful structures till now and I want to do more. I always try to create something unique and creative for my clients. Creative in the context as you can please your client a Top escorts in Bangalore Because I believe that only unique things are stands out in a crowd. I've never been into any serious relationship. I mean yes I was in one when I was in college but that was just for three months.

In my spare time, I love to play cricket with my cousin and my family. Like, we have this tradition for so long now that every Sunday we would play any sport together. Other than that I love sketching and painting.

Top escorts in Bangalore

Cute doesn’t even come close to how I do it? Don’t you just want to take me home and look after me? Well, you may not be able to take me home of course, but you can book yourself a lovely escort session with me. I am really quite charming Top escorts in Bangalore too when you meet me you will realise. It’s not just my lovely, natural shape and youthful look that will have you eating out.

I am fast becoming one of our most popular young Top escorts in Bangalore. Considering my youth, I have developed a lot of experience in this career and really has an aptitude for even further development. My youth gives me a lot of enthusiasm for my clients and I am always ready, no matter what time it is! I love to visit luxurious hotels. I can stay up all night long, believe me.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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