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Escort in Bangalore is the place where one can enjoy to the core with me.

Hello all, my name is Bani Raval and I am basically from Bangalore. I am born and raised here. I live here with my family. I live in a joint family and I cannot even think of to live alone. I love my family a lot. I cannot live without them. 

By profession, I am a professional makeup artist. I always have had an interest in makeup and all other things related to beauty. Right now, I have my makeup studio and I am proud of that. But everything was not smooth the way it seems. I have had seen a lot of problems and difficulties in my life to reach here. I worked for an Escort in Bangalore network also.

When I have had started my studio I met with an accident and I was in a coma for almost two months. It took me a lot of strength and effort to get back in track of life. I tried hard to live life again in a normal way. I have bullied all my life for my colour and after my accident, I was broken and depressed. Then I saw some random ad in the website saying "What it takes to be an Escort in Bangalore". So I applied for it and got selected.

My mother helped me all the way through to get up again to open my studio again. And I finally did and after a year I also won an award for beautician of the year. Right now, I am looking for a partner for me who can support me all way through like my mother did. I am seeking a man who is well- settled in life and someone who is not judgemental. I want my man to be smart, intelligent, and happy person. And if you are ok with my Escort in Bangalore profession.

Escort in Bangalore is a place where every girl are queen of their decision.

I am truly bisexual. I enjoys being sexual with both men and women. I am perfectly shaped escort to be caressed and held. I love to try out new things with my clients. I perform each and every one of my acts with natural ease. As an Escort in Bangalore I will not disappoint you.

Having a body that was simply built to pleasure and catch the eyes of all those around. I will give you an incredible and unforgettable Escort in Bangalore experience. You can have total confidence in escorts. when it comes, how to act in a public situation and indeed how to make a man feel good. Know that you are in safe hands, for sure.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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