I like doing adventure things like Paragliding, Ice Skating, ...


I love to meet up new people so looking for friendship. No hook-ups and dating.


Software Engineer by day, loves to go out in the night. Tired of going out with friends so


I may be young, but I am wise and mature beyond my years. After growing up in a middle-class family,


Just a small town girl, living alone and feeling lonely. That's right. I'm a local girl.


I love sports, and I'm the happiest person when I'm outside, playing badminton with my best friend


When it comes to trying new things, I'm your girl. In any relationship I am in, whether it is family relation


I must admit this. I am not the kind of girl who likes to go out on the weekend for a party.


Hey there, my would-be mate, how are you? Well, my friends constantly tease me about how bubbly I am.


Life is too short not to be out having fun. I like to go out on Saturday night with some of my friends at


I am a divorced woman, living in a Bangalore's Whitefield area. My husband used to drink and


I'm easy going, and lazy lady, live in Bangalore. But, very competitive. I am very emotional


I'm 24. I have been a runaway bride twice now. I can't marry a man who is unknown to me.


I'm Aman Mahi, living in Bangalore's Cunningham Road which is one of the busiest streets of Bangalore


I am..A Gynecologist and grew up in Bangalore. Able to order food in three different languages.


Surfer. Tech entrepreneur in Bangalore. Traveler. I have travelled to five Indian states


Hey, this is Amira. A 26 years old Business Analyst. Living in Bangalore for a few years.


I just have to be real...When it comes to dating, I am a little old-fashioned girl.


Hey there, I'm Ahana lives in Bangalore. It seems like everybody is saying they're


A little bit about me...I'm a single mom who loves to play out with children and going


I am listing a few of my qualities, so here it goes: I'm a good cook, I can bake a hot


Hey boys, Tanuja here. A painter and a romantic person. A small portion of my earning spent


I'm Looking For... A caring and spontaneous man with whom I can get lost in


I'm an athletic and active girl who loves to be lazy on Sunday mornings.

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