Bio Info

  • Birth Date
  • 26/03/1994
  • Birth Place
  • Moscow
  • Gender
  • Female
  • Height
  • 5.7
  • Weight
  • 44kg
  • Makes Offer
  • CIM. BJ. DT. GF- experience. GL
  • Nationality
  • Russia
  • Work Location
  • Bangalore
  • Knows Language
  • English, Russian
  • Skin Tone
  • Extreme Fair

My name is Barbara, and I am 28 years old. I am from Moscow.

Currently living in Bangalore to accomplish my graduation from MIT, I work with a Bangalore escort agency for pleasure, with some handsome pay. Working as an independent is so much fun; not only do I make money out of it, but I get to reinforce the taste in the pleasure of mine and my clients' fantasies. Deliberately, I desire to take a moment shared between us to another level & adjoin the happiness of paradise. After all, passionate sex is the best way to have a sensual drive towards erotic intimacy. Pleasure crammed with energy and euphoria of joyfulness is exhilaration. I often wonder why we don't come out from the ordinary world & explore the day or two passages of elegant ardor full of intense lovemaking.

It would be so fantastic having such nights together.

Trust me when I say this. I would be one of those you desire to spend your day and night with, and how do I know this? If you're still reading this, it shows you indeed find me attractive.

Wouldn't you agree? Ohh. Yes, you do agree, so don't be lonely, please hurry and CALL US!!! quickly Before it's too late, Mr. Raunchy.

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