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I am Aahna Naidu aka Nadia and I am basically from Bangalore. By profession, I am a Store manager here. As for as my looks are concern, I believe I look like some international babe. I live here with my family and I also have a younger sister. You can say that I am the girl who will make you happy and loved. I am ready to give you happiness and family comfort. My mother is my inspiration. I love how the way she handles both work and family together. She loves and cares about my father and us and prepare a delicious dinner and always support in difficult times. I have a big heart in which there is a lot of love and tenderness. Well, I am a cheerful girl, who has many friends, with whom we have great time after joining Bangalore Russian escorts.

Maybe we see each other not much but we know that we are together and this is that I name as a real friendship. I am a calm restrained person. I know where I need to stay silent and where I need to talk. People say I am too kind. I always try to acquit a person for what he has done. Maybe I am doing wrong but I am real. This is what I am. My friends love me for these features. I always try to keep reality. I want to be sure that my man will be with me in all my situations as I want to be a Bangalore Russian escorts.

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I want my man to be sincere and understanding. I want to know that he loves me and never betray me. I want a man with whom after tiring working day we can sit in front of the TV and hug each other.

There are some sort of things that all girls are like in the soap operas, make drama, need hurricanes of emotions and throw plates. Oh, no! I am a very polite and patient person, such a mix of maturity, positivity, kindness and good sense of humour. Lovely, very passionate and affectionate, kisses, hugs that's all about me, lots of affection and touches! I always know what a hug and support, simply be the best listener, as Bangalore Russian escorts I can go places.

If you are ready to shut the world, then we can really understand each other. as for the compromises I am ready to make, is relocating, discussing family plans, always talking the problems out and not being stubborn with my partner but find loving and sweet ways to make him happy, sati! shied with everything and making him know that I work for Bangalore Russian escorts, he is my number One, my man, the best who can understand me.

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