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Story of a foodie to one of the sexy Bangalore female escort.

Hello all, my name is Sarah Singh and I am basically from Bangalore. I live here with my parents. I believe that everyone in the world should love their selves. I was used to be a fat girl when I was a kid and I always wish to have a body like other people. But, when I got older I realized that everyone has their own unique personality and you should love yourself. I also have a tattoo of the same on my body.

You can say that I am a big foodie and I can't live without food. I go to the gym every day and the more I eat the more I work out. My type of girl is rare to find. I love every other thing which most of the girls of my age hate to do. I love riding bikes, to work out and to play video games. I harass my dog but he secretly loves it, of course. I mean really, I will embarrass you. But yeah! I started working as a Bangalore female escort, if I will do my job right, you'll be laughing too much to care.

I have never been into any relationship. I mean I hang out with the boys all the time and I do chill with them, go to a party with them but never had any relationship kind of thing and I am here to try that out. I am looking for someone who can be my fun partner someone who is a fitness freak, who loves dancing like no one's watching and someone with whom I can enjoy and have a drink. If you are interested ping me and I show you the other side of me as Bangalore female escort.

I am as interesting and wild you will never imagined about my Bangalore female escort side.

Here I am, ready to make your dreams come true. I am in this industry because I always loved the lifestyle of the escorts I am a bit capricious and this job allows me to get and enjoy things that couldn't be possible doing another kind of jobs. I grew in a classy family and I am used to wear expensive clothes and have luxury things among my possessions. If you are thinking in making a prize to a girl, that's me! That would make me feel really nice. I love travelling, and most of my dates are weekends or travels to any city around the world. That is how I choose be Bangalore female escort.

I don't have any problem with languages, I am innovative, brave, sincere and secure. In the intimacy, I like hard sex and dirty talking. I watched a lot of pornography when I was young. In my company, you will feel like you were in a porn movie with a porn star. I love the taste of sex (if you know what I mean) and I don't have any problem about receiving you in any of my glory holes. You choose the destiny. I will be your Bangalore female escort for any special fantasy you would want to make it real.

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