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Let me describe myself as a nice background girl to a queen of Bangalore escort service.

I am a girl with a beautiful voice, a caring nature, and a great sense of humor.

My name is Siya and I come from musical family background. My father is a guitarist and mother is a singer. They play on concerts, functions and at events.

My parents want me to make it big in the music industry and wants me to rehearsal all day long. I've been learning music for almost fifteen years. I never really had any social or personal life. Then I came across some random website about escorts, then I realize that I too can take up this job as a Bangalore escort service companion.

I was never allowed to go to any parties or to any events so that I don’t distract from the music. My parents always pressurize me to focus on music. They never let me do anything else rather than music.

Sometimes it is suffocating for me to focus on only one thing. yes, I do love music but I also need to have my personal life. Now, that I am going to college I want my personal life where I can make new friends, can go to parties and can hang out with all the people.

I had already talked to my parents and I am moving into another city to complete my college. They didn’t allow me unless I said yes to practice music every day. But sometimes it got overdose of it so I decided to meet up with Bangalore escort service providers.

I am looking for a new experience in my life. I am looking for a fun partner with whom I can enjoy and can do the things I always wanted to try. I am seeking someone who is funny and easy to be with, someone who doesn’t put their opinions on me. I don’t want someone who wants to control me or wants just physical relations. Right now, I am looking for a fun partner so that I can enjoy my life and later on if we feel something more towards each other than we can go to the further level.

I am here as a professional and do my almost full time job here in Bangalore escort service.

I will be your hot escort, I am Bangalore escort service companion and I am here to meet you if you are able to appreciate the attention of a beautiful woman I have stunning exotic looks which are a result of my Indian heritage, I have long hair, naturally tanned very soft skin a fair complexion, high cheekbones, dark eyes with a seductive glam, and a mischievous smile like an unbeatable escort. I have a slim perfectly toned body, perky natural 'B' cup breasts, full toned legs and thighs, and an amazing rounded bottom which I am told is one of my best feature of lady. I am a very sexy escort appeal to men who admire woman working Bangalore escort service with a perfectly toned slim figure to die for.

Hindi, English

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